The project

Help us to preserve one of the last sanctuaries of nature on our planet!

Would you like to explore the wild and amazing Arctic with very special and funny guides? Well, you are lucky! You can see our cartoon series about Svalbard Islands, the northern most inhabited place in the world.

Increased tourism traffic means that nature and cultural environment in Svalbard are becoming more exposed to deterioration and disturbance. One of the greatest challenges for the future of this unspoilt nature is to manage the increase in tourism, outdoor activities and other traffic areas in a positive and sustainable way. In this case “proper” communication plays a fundamental role.

The Sval&Bard project, funded by Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund, with the partnership of Visit Svalbard AS, is aimed to produce ten innovative stop-motion short films (2’ each), to explain to the Svalbard‘s visitors the rules they have to respect, to keep themselves safe and to preserve this fragile environment. The protagonists of the series are two characters, Sval&Bard, inspired by trolls, that go to Svalbard as inexperienced tourists and get into a lot of trouble. In every sketch they don’t respect a rule and experience the consequences.



The cartoon series has been released primarly through the web and projected on-site using big screens in places frequented by tourists (airport, tourist information points, etc.).

The online campaign started on October the 21st 2015 and the projections in Longyearbyen on March 2016.

How could you support the campaign?
To catch up on a lot of interesting things, follow us on the social media and help us to spread the cartoon series through your contacts, sharing posts and videos.
You will have fun, entertain your friends and help to preserve the fragile and unique arctic environment, one of the last sanctuaries of nature on our planet.


The ten rules1

The ten rules2